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Verbraakstraat 23, Rotterdam

Celebrate Women’s Month with Strength and Creativity at Stichting Nuestra Casa in Rotterdam The Netherlands.

From March 8th to March 22nd, Stichting Nuestra Casa will host a range of special activities in honor of Women’s Month. Highlighting the contributions of women in various spheres, our events aim to inspire, empower, and celebrate female power and creativity, receiving a succesful female artist as leader.Emelly Velasco is a mexican- dutch artist with centeramerican roots, her unique use of mediums, including oil paint, acrylic, ink, gold leaves, and even her own blood, offers a deep exploration of the human experience.
Having exhibited in Central America, Mexico, Italy, and The Netherlands, Velasco’s work captivates audiences worldwide.
30% of the auction if a donation from the artist and all collectors that will be direct fonds for the Stichting Nuestra Casa, giving support to women.The artist´s atelier is located in Scheveningen, Den Haag. With 3 dates in Rotterdam its a big promise for woman to canalize their interest into art, inspiration and creativity.